Welcome to oddlyRESET.com, a site designed to utilize current internet technology to provide both students and parents with a vast array of social and educational resources. The site will be constantly updated throughout the school year and is intended to serve as a communication hub between school and home. Should you have any questions about the site or its content, please make use of the contact form under the “Contact” link at the top.

What Runs this Site?
This site runs WordPress as a content management system, which aside from allowing easy publication and web-based management, allows:

  • The ability to post student assignments online in a chronological order (newest to oldest)
  • The ability to allow students to post questions or comments to other students about any given assignment posting
  • The ability to attach handouts, notes, links, or any other type of digital file that may be necessary for completion of an assignment or for further clarification.
  • Internet-based contact forms
  • Streaming video of classroom materials
  • Plug-in support for “Web 2.0” website integration

What is “Web 2.0 Integration?
Throughout the year, I will be working to integrate emerging “Web 2.0” technology into both the classroom and the site. In short, “Web 2.0” is a relatively new term used to describe use of the internet as an interactive “platform” that allows individuals to easily interact with content. The first examples are the usage of Flickr, Twitter, and Del.ici.ous on the site. These sites emphasize interaction and sharing amongst users whereas earlier internet sites simply provided content. These sites will be used to:Share images. Share ideas. Share stories. Share resources.

Sharing Images with “Flickr
Flickr is a site that emphasizes photography and images. Many students are visual learners, meaning they rely primarily on their sense of sight to take in information, understand it, and remember it. As long as they can “see” it, they can comprehend it. We’ll be using Flickr to share images of what is going on inside the class, such as presentations, projects, classwork, etc.

Sharing Thoughts with “Twitter”
Twitter is a “microblogging” service that gives users 150 characters to answer the question “what are you doing right now.” I will be using twitter to post quick status notes to students throughout the school year.

Thanks for visiting oddlyRESET!

Mr. Resley